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Chateau Moulin Lafitte
The Chateau Moulin Lafitte has a brilliant color with a nose of red and black fruits. The mouth is supple
Chateau Vitalis
Now almost two centuries old and situated in the heart of the picturesque village of Fuisse, Chateau Vitallis is one of
The symbol of Norman culture in Sicily Palazzo Chiaramonte Steri has been a symbol of religious and political power over
Claudie Jobard
Laurence Jobard has gained great acclaim as one of the best oenologists in France. She has been the head winemaker
Claypool Cellars
Our Glorious Story As I tiptoe through the entertainment industry, dabbling in mediums beyond the microphone and my four-stringed piece
AIX rosé is the top blend of Maison Saint Aix. The domain was founded in 1880 as a truffle orchard
Michael Pozzan
The pleasure of good wine is not just about balanced flavors, a fragrant nose, or lush colors. It’s also about
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