Cesar Principe

THE LEGACY OF EUTIQUIO The story began with grandfather Eutiquio, who transmitted all his wine knowledge and know-how to César Príncipe in the family’s historic winery. It was his son, Ignacio, who settled the base of the winery as we know it today, in 1982. GROWING WITHOUT PRISON The winery was founded in the 90s and […]

Castelo de Medina

Bodegas Castelo de Medina was founded by three wine lovers in 1996 in the heart of the Rueda Designation of Origin, in a small town called Villaverde de Medina. The winemakers at Castelo de Medina grow, harvest, produce and bottle the wine on the estate. Year after year the superb quality of their wines make […]


The story began on a hot day in sun-drenched Andalusia when he first sipped a refreshing glass of Verdejo with its characteristic pale, straw colour and subtle aromas of hay. Sometime later, on Spain’s northern Castilian plateau where the horizons are vast and the climatic conditions extreme, and where the Verdejo grape grows in outstanding pebbly […]


HISTORY When God was handing out the ability to make snap decisions, I was standing at the front of the queue (which must be why I never made it to the “Follow a career path” queue). I´ve never been sure if this was a good thing or not. All I know is that it has […]